• Modernizing your ancient server distro

    RimuHosting has now been providing VM servers for over 15 years. Back in the day the state of the art distros we setup for customers included 32-bit Debian 3- and Ubuntu 6-based servers. Things have moved on.  By default all new orders are setup with 64-bit distros.  And Debian is up to version 9, while […]

  • Spectre and Meltdown article roundup

    Spectre and Meltdown article roundup

    Our team is working on the best approach to secure our customers’ systems against the recently reported Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.  Our first step is to understand the problem and its mitigations.  This post provides a roundup of discussions and work on the topic with a focus on mitigation for the Xen hypervisor. The vulnerabilities […]

  • Kernel 4.14 LTS released

    We have added the latest 4.14 kernel to our list of stable kernels for 64bit VPS servers. The 4.14 kernel includes a large number of performance enhancements, including … filesystem io block_mq scheduler improvements new selectable scheduler options for disk io improved cryptographic performance cgroup2 support merged

  • Letsencrypt with Zonomi and Rimuhosting name servers using hooks

    SSL is good, you should use it everywhere! Letsencrypt it is a project that allows you to obtain signed certificates for free (you should consider donating though) to secure your website. Big efforts have been done to make this accessible to anyone. In order to issue SSL certificates Certificate Authorities will check that you can control […]

  • Virtualmin Changes binding from ip:80 to *:80 and breaks older configs … FIX

    We have found some virtualmin installs will change the format of new virtualhosts from ip:80 to *:80 sometimes which breaks virtualhosts as the *:80 overrides the ip:80. This can result in websites showing another website content, and usually shows up right after you add a new domain in virtualmin.

  • Reboot-less Xen patching

    Recently there have been two sets of Xen vulnerabilities.  One being disclosed in September, the other earlier today.  Historically we have had to organize host updates which required downtime to reboot VMs. For these last sets of vulnerabilities we have been able to use a recently introduced live patching feature in Xen to mitigate the […]

  • DKIM and subaddressing added to 25mail.st

    We have added a couple of features to the 25mail.st service. First, we now support DKIM email signing. This lets our email servers sign outgoing messages so that recipients can verify that the email was sent from an authorized server. You will need to add a DNS entry for each email domain wishing to have […]

  • Whitelist your own computer in fail2ban

    Fail2ban is a great “dynamic” firewall for servers that is installed by default on many of our VPSs, and we can install it on your VPSs at your request. It protects against brute-force attacks, where an attacker is trying to guess a password or exploit certain classes of vulnerabilities on servers. One potential problem with […]

  • Lets Encrypt with Virtualmin

    Virtualmin now supports Let Encrypt, this means you can easily get multiple SSL certificates easily and free if needed. Here is how you can set that up. Step 1: Login to your virtualmin, select the domain from the drop down in the top left. Step 2: Click ‘Edit Virtual Server’ , under the ‘Enabled Features’ […]

  • ClamAV: mpool_malloc and disk space

    ClamAV is an open source antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats. The most common use we see is to check emails for bad content. Some of our users have recently been seeing errors from “freshclam” processes that look like the below entry. These will occur quickly and will often cause […]